11 Reasons to work here

The Top 11 reasons to work with Freedom (these are all messages from our teammates):

    1.  1. We get to be a part of something special
    2.  2. It's a friendly and positive work atmosphere
    3.  3. There are lots of opportunities for advancement
    4.  4. Locations are convenient
    5.  5. Good pay, benefits and perks
    6.  6. Company growth is super exciting
    7.  7. Freedom's management team all have positive attitudes and care about all of their teammates
    8.  8. We have the growth and innovation of a start up, with the stability of a larger company
    9.  9. Get the opportunity to work with smart, motivated people
    10. 10. The products are great and we're the industry leader
    11. 11. It's FUN!