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Settle and Consolidate Debt with a Loan

Established in 2011, Consolidation Plus arranges invitation-only loans for borrowers currently enrolled in select debt settlement programs. Using our loan, borrowers could end their debt settlement program early, consolidate their enrolled debt, and pay it off faster.

As a member of Freedom Financial Network, Consolidation Plus is committed to helping people overcome debt and start achieving their financial goals.

  • More than $1 billion in debt consolidated
  • Over 38,000 customers served
  • Invitation-only loan

What Is Consolidation Plus?

An invitation-only lender specializing in debt consolidation loans,* Consolidation Plus works with borrowers enrolled in eligible debt settlement programs, helping them finish their program early by consolidating their enrolled debt into a fixed-rate loan.

If Consolidation Plus contacts you because you are eligible for one of our loans, you could qualify to accelerate your debt settlement program, consolidate your enrolled debt into a single account, and be debt free faster. Here’s why many debt settlement clients choose to use Consolidation Plus:

Faster Settlements

Since Consolidation Plus works with your debt settlement company to offer a lump sum payment to your creditors, we could enable you to end your debt settlement program months or even years ahead of schedule. Then all you have to do is pay off the Consolidation Plus loan, and you’ll be free from your enrolled debt.

No More Creditor Calls

Since our loan is used to pay off your creditors, once you switch from debt settlement to a Consolidation Plus loan you should no longer be at risk of receiving collection calls or other legal actions.

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Debt Consolidation Made Easy

End your debt sooner with a fixed-rate debt consolidation loan

  • Exclusive, invitation-only offer
  • Borrow $5,000-$65,000
  • No pre-payment penalties

What We Do

A Consolidation Plus loan gives you the funds necessary to settle all your debts at once. You no longer have to wait for your debt settlement company to reach individual settlements with each of your creditors. Here’s how the loan works:

  1. Talk to a Loan Consultant

    If you’re eligible to consolidate your debt with a Consolidation Plus loan, a loan consultant from our company will contact you to discuss your options and help you determine if debt consolidation is the right solution for you. If you decide to apply, we will ask you to fill out a loan application and provide banking and income information for us to review.

  2. Get Approved for a Loan

    After sending in your application and other information, we will review your documents over 2-4 business days to determine if you qualify for a loan. If you do, we will send you an offer detailing your loan information, rate, and repayment terms.

    Once you talk to your loan consultant about the offer, sign our agreement, and return it, you can start your Consolidation Plus program.

  3. Let Us Work with Your Debt Settlement Company to Pay off Your Debt

    When you sign up with Consolidation Plus, we handle all the communications with your debt settlement company and give them the funds they need to settle your remaining debts.

    Since your debt settlement company gets money to resolve your debts upfront, you no longer need to make monthly deposits into any account related to your debt settlement program.

  4. Repay Your Consolidation Plus Loan

    Once your debt relief company settles your debts using our loan, your debt relief program is finished and you begin making payments on your Consolidation Plus loan.

    The Consolidation Plus Borrower Dashboard allows you to manage your account online. You can choose to set up ACH auto pay or pay by check or over the phone.

  5. Put Your Enrolled Debt in the Past

    After you have paid back your loan in full, you no longer owe the debt. Many Consolidation Plus borrowers are able to pay off their loan in as fast as 24-72 months*—putting their enrolled debt behind them for good.

Why You Should Choose Consolidation Plus

Founded in 2011, Consolidation Plus has helped thousands of borrowers across the U.S. achieve debt freedom by consolidating over $1 billion in consumer debt.

As a proud member of Freedom Financial Network, we are committed to the cause of helping our borrowers get out of debt and reach their financial goals. We put our borrowers
first, offering them with a solution to their debt while providing excellent customer service throughout the course of their loan.

Our employees have rated our company highly, too. In fact, Freedom Financial Network has been named one of the Best Place to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal for two years in a row.

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Contact Us

Along with FreedomPlus, Freedom Financial Asset Management, and Freedom Debt Relief, Consolidation Plus is a part of Freedom Financial Network, whose goal is to provide consumer debt management services to clients with heavy debt. Loans are arranged by Freedom Financial Asset Management, an asset management company focusing on consumer lending.

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*Please note, only a small percentage of consumers may be eligible for the Consolidation Plus program based on credit criteria, enrollment in an approved debt resolution program, and other program criteria. Unsolicited loan applications are not accepted at this time.

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Privacy Notice

All loans available through Freedom Financial Asset Management, LLC d/b/a Consolidation Plus are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC. All loan and rate terms are subject to eligibility restrictions, application review, loan amount, loan term, lender approval, and credit usage. A four year $20,000 loan with an interest rate of 15.49% and corresponding APR of 18.34% would have an estimated monthly payment of $561.60 and a total cost payable of $7,948.13. Eligibility for a loan is not guaranteed. Loans are not available in all states – please call a Consolidation Plus representative for further details. Freedom Financial Asset Management, LLC d/b/a Consolidation Plus is not a lender.