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Molly B., Los Angeles, CA

Everyday Americans deserve a better financial future. We help them get there.

Molly B., Los Angeles, CA
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Providing relief from financial distressProviding relief from financial distress
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Providing relief from financial distress
Too many people are struggling to make ends meet. We help them overcome debt, eliminate stress, and move on with their lives.
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Putting customers first
We act in our clients’ interests, and we work hard to get them great results. Our financial incentives are aligned with our customers’ success – we only succeed when they do.
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We give each consumer a personalized financial assessment and suggest debt solutions that they qualify for. They choose what works best for them.
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For nearly 20 years, we have delivered financial solutions to help struggling consumers manage their debt and improve their financial outlook.
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Our goal is to help you improve your finances, make informed financial decisions and be confident in the decisions you make. However, neither Freedom Financial Network, LLC, nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries are financial advisors, tax consultants, credit counselors or attorneys and nothing published on our websites should be construed as financial or legal advice. We recommend you consult with the appropriate professional before making any serious financial decisions. If we refer you to a partner who operates in one or more of these areas, we may be compensated by that partner but it will be them, and not us, who provides these services.

Debt relief disclosure: Our estimates are based on prior results, which will vary depending on your specific enrolled creditors and your individual program terms. Not all clients are able to complete their program for various reasons, including their ability to save sufficient funds. We do not guarantee that your debts will be resolved for a specific amount or percentage or within a specific period of time. We do not assume your debts, make monthly payments to creditors or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice or credit repair services. Our service is not available in all states, including New Jersey, and our fees may vary from state to state. Please contact a tax professional to discuss potential tax consequences of less than full balance debt resolution. Read and understand all program materials prior to enrollment. The use of debt settlement services will likely adversely affect your creditworthiness, may result in you being subject to collections or being sued by creditors or collectors and may increase the outstanding balances of your enrolled accounts due to the accrual of fees and interest. However, negotiated settlements we obtain on your behalf resolve the entire account, including all accrued fees and interest. C.P.D. Reg. No. T.S.12-03825.

Personal loans are available through our affiliate Achieve Personal Loans (NMLS ID #227977), Equal Housing Lender, originated by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank or Pathward, N.A., Equal Housing Lenders and may not be available in all states. All loan and rate terms are subject to eligibility restrictions, application review, credit score, loan amount, loan term, lender approval, credit usage and history. Loans are not available to residents of all states. Minimum loan amounts vary due to state specific legal restrictions. Loan amounts generally range from $5,000 to $50,000 (including the origination fee) and are offered based on underwriting conditions and loan purpose. APRs range from 7.99 to 29.99% and include applicable origination fees. Repayment periods range from 24 to 60 months. For example: A four-year $20,000 loan with an APR of 18.34% would have an estimated monthly payment of $561.60 and total cost of $26,956.80. To qualify for a 7.99% APR loan, a borrower will need excellent credit, a loan amount of $12,000.00 or less, and a term of 24 months. Loan origination fees vary from 1.99% to 6.99%.. Adding a co-borrower with sufficient income; using at least eighty-five percent (85%) of the loan proceeds to pay off qualifying existing debt directly; or showing proof of sufficient retirement savings, could help you also qualify for a lower rate. Average interest savings for personal loans range from 0% - 6% based on closed loans that qualified for one or more of our rate discounts in July 2022.*Funding time periods are estimates and can vary for each loan request. Same day decisions assume a completed application with all required supporting documentation submitted early enough on a day that our offices are open. Business hours are Monday-Friday 6am-8pm MST, and Saturday-Sunday 7am-4pm MST.

Home equity loans are available through our affiliate Achieve Loans (NMLS ID #1810501), Equal Housing Lender. All loan requests are subject to eligibility requirements, application review, loan amount, loan term and lender approval. Product terms are subject to change at any time. Home loans are a line of credit. Loans are not available to residents of all states and available loan terms/fees may vary by state where offered. Line amounts are between $15,000 and $150,000 and are assigned based on debt-to-income and loan to home value. Minimum 600 credit score applies for debt consolidation requests, minimum 670 applies to cash out requests. Other conditions apply. Fixed rate APRs range from 10.25% - 16.00% and are assigned based on underwriting requirements and automatic payment enrollment (autopay enrollment is not a condition of loan approval). Example: average HELOC is $57,150 with an APR of 12.75% and estimated monthly payment of $951 for a 15-year loan. 10 and 15 year terms available. Both terms have a 5 year draw period. Payments are fully amortized during each period and determined on the outstanding principal balance each month. Closing fees range from $750 to $6,685, depending on line amount and state law requirements and typically include origination (2.5% of line amount) and underwriting ($685) fees if allowed by law. Average funding time is between 15 to 18 days from submitted application and documentation. Property must be owner-occupied and combined loan to value may not exceed 80%, including the new loan request. Property insurance is required and flood insurance may be required if the subject property is located in a flood zone. You must pledge your home as collateral and could lose your home if you fail to repay. Contact Achieve Loans for further details.

Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure:Freedom Financial Network, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freedom Financial Network Funding, LLC (“FFNF”). FFNF also owns 99% of Lendage, LLC (“Achieve Loans”). Because of this relationship, your referral to Achieve Loans may provide Freedom Financial Network, LLC a financial or other benefit. Where permitted by applicable state law, Achieve Loans charges: 1) an origination fee of 2.50%, and 2) an underwriting fee of $685. You are NOT required to use Achieve Loans for a home equity line of credit. Please click here for the full Affiliated Business Arrangement disclosure form.