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Financial assessment

Helping consumers understand and improve their financial situation

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Helping consumers understand and improve their financial situation

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Guiding consumers to solutions that work for them
With each potential customer, we review their unique financial picture and recommend appropriate solutions that they qualify for and that fit their goals and budget.
Free personal consultationFree personal consultation
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Free personal consultation
Our debt and loan consultants walk each consumer through their credit report and tradelines. Phone consultations can last 30 minutes or more and may include multiple calls.
Evaluating appropriateness and fitEvaluating appropriateness and fit
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Evaluating appropriateness and fit
As part of the assessment, we make sure the customer is qualified for any potential solutions. We check for specific financial hardships, and we confirm they feel they can afford monthly payments
Customized recommendationsCustomized recommendations
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Customized recommendations
Based on their financial profile and fit, we recommend solutions tailored to their needs.
• Debt Relief
• Personal Loans
• Mortgage/HELOC solutions
• Credit Counseling
• Bankruptcy
Keeping clients moving forwardKeeping clients moving forward
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Keeping clients moving forward
As our customers’ situation and needs change, we update our assessments and recommendations.
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Our goal is to help you improve your finances, make informed financial decisions and be confident in the decisions you make. However, neither Freedom Financial Network, LLC, nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries are financial advisors, tax consultants, credit counselors or attorneys and nothing published on our websites should be construed as financial or legal advice. We recommend you consult with the appropriate professional before making any serious financial decisions. If we refer you to a partner who operates in one or more of these areas, we may be compensated by that partner but it will be them, and not us, who provides these services.