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Use Your Home Value to Consolidate Your Debt

Founded in 2019, Lendage is the latest addition to Freedom Financial Network. Our goal is to help homeowners use the value in their home to pay off high-interest debt. To do this, we offer a custom Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) that allows homeowners to consolidate their debt, reduce monthly payments, and save on interest charges.

Who We Are

Lendage is a new kind of mortgage company that helps homeowners improve their lives and establish a stronger financial footing. To do this, we offer Home Equity Lines of Credit to homeowners who need them the most—even if their credit is less than perfect.

We’re taking a different approach to home equity lending. Using innovative technology and a rigorous underwriting system that looks beyond a homeowner’s credit score, we want to help more people use the value in their home, put their debt in the past, and move on to bigger and better things.

who we are

Find a Smarter HELOC

  • Consolidate and pay off debt
  • Reduce your monthly payments
  • Save money on interest

What We Do

Lendage helps you use your home’s value to pay off your expensive credit card debt with a lower-rate HELOC. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell Us About Yourself

    Fill out our simple online application or call us at (844) 606-9533 to get in touch with a licensed mortgage advisor who will evaluate your situation and help find the right solution for you.

  2. Get Your Custom Offer

    We’ll customize an offer for you with fixed rates and clear terms that fit your unique needs.

  3. Pay Off Your Debt

    Next, we’ll pay off your applicable credit card debt to maximize your savings.

  4. Achieve Debt Freedom

    Pay back your fixed-rate HELOC with low monthly payments over 10 years. Or, if you have extra cash available, pay off your HELOC faster to save even more in interest. With Lendage, there are no prepayment penalties or extra charges for paying off early.

Why Choose Lendage?

Here at Lendage, we are dedicated to helping you find the right solution to manage your debt. To do this, we use the latest technology to find the right loan for you that pays off your creditors and puts you on the path to financial independence.

You can also rest assured that you’re in good hands when you work with us, because we pride ourselves on taking a people-first approach to the way we do business. That’s why we offer an easy online application plus live expert advice from licensed mortgage advisors so that you can get answers to all your questions over the phone.

As a member of Freedom Financial Network, we are committed to helping you get out of debt and starting you on the path to a brighter financial future.

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