Freedom Debt Relief Promise Offers New Protections for Financially Struggling Consumers

New policy ensures consumers facing financial hardships achieve the optimum outcome from debt resolution program

January 28, 2022

San Mateo, CA – January 28, 2022 – Freedom Financial Network (FFN), a leading digital personal finance company helping people on their path to financial freedom, today announced the Freedom Debt Relief Promise, designed to ensure the company delivers the best possible outcomes for people who are struggling financially.
Established in 2021, the Freedom Debt Relief Promise ensures that consumers:
  • Can make informed decisions. We help you understand and compare your options for handling your debt. You choose the solution that meets your needs.
  • Will be set up for success. We guide you through a personalized financial assessment and only enroll you if the results indicate the program is appropriate.
  • Won't be surprised. We use simple, easy-to-understand language to help you understand your program at every step.
  • Will get results. When you are done, if the total cost to settle your debts (with fees) is more than you owe, you will get a refund up to our total fees.
"We're committed to ensuring that our products and services are transparent, fair and accessible to consumers experiencing financial hardships," said Sean Fox, President of Freedom Debt Relief and Chief Revenue Officer, Freedom Financial Network. "We partner with everyday Americans struggling with unsecured debt due to job loss, medical expenses, divorce, or other financial hardships by negotiating on their behalf with creditors to settle outstanding debts for less than they owe. And while we've been doing this for two decades, we know that we can do better. Our promise sets a high standard and impacts how we do business and how we help move our customers forward on a path to a better financial future."
Freedom Financial Network helps people make better financial decisions by managing expenses and debt, saving money, and planning. The company provides innovative technology and relationship-driven support for every step of a consumer's financial path, including personal loans, debt solutions and restructuring, home equity lines of credit, and financial tools and education.
In addition, Freedom Financial Network recently announced that it had surpassed $15 billion in consumer debt resolved, and more than $6.5 billion in loans originated. The company has now served more than 1 million Americans and is innovating new solutions to expand the depth and breadth of its digital personal finance offerings.
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